Adversus Haereses – Tudor Ghideanu

Adversus Haereses vol II

Adversus Haereses, vol. 2 / Adversus Haereses, Volume 2 (Romanian Version)
Author: Tudor GHIDEANU (coordonator)
Lumen Publishing House
Iasi, Romania 2008
No. pg. 761

               “We know that no road is pointless, if it does not go to church, and therefore we believe that no law is pointless unless it defends indigenous people and its faith”.
This rejection of unfair, unjust laws is synthesized in 3 points:
1. The law does not protect freedom of conscience, but, lacking citizens defending their freedom of conscience, especially for the Orthodox.
2. The law denies the traditional role, identity, culture and faith of the Orthodox Church
3. The law requires state interference in the life of the Orthodox Church, and prohibits the Church the application of a series of church canons.

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