Adevar si cunoastere in rationalismul critic – Emilia Closca

Emilia Closca - Adevar

Adevar si cunoastere in rationalismul critic/ Truth and Knowledge in Critical Rationalism (Romanian Version)
Author: Emilia CLOSCA
Lumen Publishing House
Iasi, Romania 2010
No. pg. 304

                The work falls into the summaries and monographs category because it is designed around ideas,  specific to popperiene thinking: deductive method of testing, increase of knowledge and truth. They are not only described, but are dealt with safe procedures according to their limits. Briefly said, the work is a critical assessment of Karl Popper’s epistemology to sustain the need of critical rationalism, a doctrine that can win a predominant status in epistemology.

Mr. Teodor DIMA

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